Some Tips on How to Volunteer Abroad and the Means to Obtain It

29 Aug

People who have the time, talent and expertise to help a community or organization in need would find volunteering overseas as a great way to offer services and at the same time travel. Aside from this intention of providing positive contributions to the concern community or organization, people volunteering will also have the opportunity to develop their skills in matters of professional and intercultural aspects. On the other hand, there are aspiring international volunteers would be caught in a situation when they have to spend when serving overseas and that they are not volunteering for free which bring a concern to their aspiration.

To avoid surprises and frustrations among aspiring international volunteers because they are to pay transportation expenses  and other fees, it is good to be aware of some programs and strategies that can offer volunteering abroad and travels for free. One example is a volunteer headquarter that over 80,000 volunteers are trusting and with programs costing only around $180 per week. There is another volunteer group with more than 150 projects all over the world that starts at $175 per week. For further details, get in touch with

And so to volunteer abroad for free, one can apply volunteer abroad for scholarships and grants, earn a certain certificate of a foreign language, and run a successful fundraising campaign.

People are aware that volunteering abroad for free will reduce their trip expenses, considering that there are really costs related when even volunteering abroad. There are costs between to and from your destination, such as volunteer program fee, airfare, miscellaneous like travel insurance, medication, vaccination, and so on.

If one is being hosted as a volunteer, know that there are still charges for the program fee in association of the hosting. One volunteer organization for example would include in their program fee funding to administer or oversee the projects, in the recruitment of new volunteers, in providing direct funds to the local community, in paying for the overhead of salaries, plus the room and board expenses of the volunteers.

Another volunteer organization would be charging program fee to enable the organization to turn over the burden of expenses to the volunteers, and in turn free up more resources to the communities being served.

With the program fee, organizations will become more independent and not depend on the government funding. To reduce program fees, one can also join volunteering abroad to a no-fee volunteer project which does not require program fee and could possible cover your airfare expenses, room and board and a stipend.

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